King Charles III Coronation Party

The Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla took place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May 2023. Residents, Staff, Trustees and Invited Guests were joined by the Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Alison Moore to celebrate the occasion with a Coronation Party at Homefield Gardens.

Fuel Land Allotments Visit

A group of residents recently visited the Fuel Land Allotments in East Finchley and saw the work being carried out on our own allotment (No. 26). Like all of the plots, it is a large area. With agreement of the committee, we will be working this land with volunteer support from our residents, together with students and teachers from The Pavilion School and members of the Somali and Bravanese community.

London Fire Brigade Visit

We recently had a visit from the London Fire Brigade, no fires thankfully but a talk about how residents can protect themselves from fires and keep safe in an emergency.

If you feel unsafe or unsure on what to do to protect yourself from fires look for more information on  or call 020 8555 1200.  In case of emergency always dial 999.

Foreword from the Chair – Michael Pughsley

I became a member of the Finchley Charities Board and chair of the Property Committee at the beginning of 2022 and recently became chair of the Board of Trustees. One of my first and happy duties was to appoint Carmel Miedziolka to be our permanent Chief Executive.  The Board have very much appreciated her hard work and passion for services to residents as well as her care for staff.  It is a great privilege for me to be working with her and such a dedicated team of staff and Trustees who all want to provide a fantastic service. I have been a senior leader for a number of years and I am currently Director of Housing and Deputy Chief Executive at a north London housing association. In the 30 years’ I have worked in the social housing sector I have seen many changes and challenges. Now is a time of great challenge. Sadly, housing is still an engine of inequality in our society and the Finchley Charities has an important role to play in making homes affordable, comfortable and safe for everyone.

The Finchley Charities also has a responsibility to engage with people in our community: to let them know about us and the fantastic work we do, and to find ways in which we can work together for the benefit of everyone.

I hope it will not be long before I and other members of the Board have the chance to meet you but in the meantime, I want to assure you of our commitment to always do the right thing for you and the organisation.

A Message from Carmel Miedziolka Chief Executive

Since being appointed to the permanent role in May, I have received many kind words of support. Thank you.

I feel hugely privileged to take on the leadership of The Finchley Charities as we move to the next stage of our journey. I am passionate about making a lasting change for as many of our residents as possible and Susan, my predecessor, has created a great platform to help do this.

Farewell and Thank You

The Finchley Charities recently said Goodbye to Susan Faridi our previous Chief Executive who moved on to a new position. We wish her every success and thank her for all her efforts throughout her six years with The Finchley Charities.

Also sadly leaving us is Claire Young who has worked for the Charity for over 5 years as our Housing Services Manager. Everyone at The Finchley Charities would like to thank Claire for her hard work and dedication.

Work Experience

We were recently joined in the office by Zain Abedin.  Zain attends the North London Grammar School and was on a week’s work experience placement at The Finchley Charities.  During his week with us he helped out in the office, attended a meeting at the Fuel Land Allotments and joined in with activities at the Community Hall as well as contributing to this newsletter.  Zain thoroughly enjoyed his time at The Finchley Charities and wanted to thank the Staff and Residents for making him feel so welcome.

Chris’s Tree Poem

Ancient are we

Thou and the tree


We had to live before you came

To establish for you our enduring frame


Multiple shapes for purpose made

We fashion our work to give you aid


I breathe from above

I draw from below


I am a pump through which vigour’s flow

I reach out and then withdraw

I march to the season’s constant call

For colours to see and delight at the fall


As birds do visit for rest and song

A company we make, a perch they belong


Always there but not consciously seen

Through branches of light my patterns beam

The fruits we bestow

Conceal seeds with the know

Of how it’s to be

To form a twin of me.


When it’s our time, our lives we give

To those whose skills we relive

A chance to serve and venture out

If only you know what it’s all about

To go by see, to go by air

To be a wheel behind a mare.

Symbiotic are we,

Thou and the tree


Oh, how can you know

As a musician doth blow

The notes that you hear to us you endear

Our gift is returned

And both are confirmed.


Our paper and ink with feathery quill

Your message to others do you distil.


To some with colour a portrait will make

For those to awe upon a wall

That through time will recall

The trace of ages as they befall

When coldness crawls we give you warmth

Through dancing colours of flickering flame

Then to ashes to be born again.


We will return

We will regrow


With tidier form to let you know

Remember please as you walk below,

You are free to come and to go

As we stand still and rooted long

This is the place where we belong.

We tell our folks through roots supreme

With ages old

And stories told

Of your kindly human dream.


Aspire you must or return as dust

As we will fall

And give life to all,

To rot, to decay is our way

Till once again with seed and sign

Will our life become sublime

In Honour to

Me and you

To the Ancient Princess Blue.


So once in a while

Look up and smile

Then we of three will be four

To share our living ever more


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